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hey, i'm artemis.

i ship sharja and i've given sharon den adel at least 3/4 of my soul
I’ve always appreciated Tarja a lot in Nightwish. Although I didn’t know her in personally. But as she recovered from those messy Nightwish-story, I’ve appreciated more. In addition as artist I respect her, not just as singer.
We resemble each other in that, we’ve been famous since the 90’s and we’ve never made photoshoots that are unrelated or not connected with music. Both Tarja and I think that we don’t have to do these photos (in underwear) just because we are women. This is an important message, and I know that Tarja’s fans and WT’s fans are grateful for this. And in a way, we are idols for so many girls and with this we want to send this message that we can succeed like this. This is a border what both Tarja and I won’t step over.
- Sharon den Adel about Tarja (via century-child)

(via drama-rebellion)




sharon if this is truly her looks so different here. I found this here and I’m confused but in love..

She really looks gay here…

I have a mighty need to write a Sharja fanfic where Sharon wears a suit 


Young Tarja (: